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Call us at (401) 467-2581 to learn more about our catering services!

Take Out

Give us a call at (401) 467-2581 and we'll prepare your order ahead of time for you! Alternatively, order your food now via our new online ordering system When it's ready, pick it up on location at 1007 Broad Street Providence, RI 02905.


The Bomes Theatre

The Bomes Theatre, on the south side of Providence is about to get new life, bringing you monthly performance events with all types of genres. Catering at the Bomes Theatre is provided by Mi Alma.

Mi Alma Restaurant

Mi Alma Restaurant is a Latin fusion restaurant brought to Broad Street alongside the newly renovated Bomes Theatre, boasting a luxurious interior, quality ingredients and outstanding service provided by a hard-working staff! We also provide catering for your events hosted at the Bomes Theatre.